Perfect skin within seconds: the new LR ZEITGARD Serox Instant Skin Perfector

ZG Instant Skin Perfector

The LR ZEITGARD Serox Instant Skin Perfector: Thanks to the 2-fold technology, the skin appears more even and more refined in seconds and becomes firmer in the long-term thanks to regenerating anti-aging active ingredients.

Double anti-aging effect for immediate and long-lasting skin perfection

Three, two, one: Smile! Everybody likes beautiful photos. For even better photos, we also like to put a good photo filter on top, which makes us look even better. With the new innovative anti-aging care from LR Health & Beauty, image processing is now superfluous, #nofilter so to speak: Because the LR ZEITGARD Serox Instant Skin Perfector lets the skin shine in real life and makes it look perfect day after day! It optically rejuvenates the facial skin immediately after application and makes it appear flawless – as if you put your favourite filter on top. The effect technology with its double efficacy not only ensures immediate perfection of the facial skin, but also a long-lasting anti-aging effect. "Within seconds, the skin appears visibly more even, more refined and younger. In the long term, the skin structure is regenerated,“ says Jessica Deventer, Vice President Marketing & Communication at LR Health & Beauty.

Radiant complexion and photo-perfect skin
The Serox Instant Skin Perfector can be easily integrated into your morning beauty routine. A hazelnut-sized amount is applied to the whole face after the day cream. Allow to absorb briefly and apply make-up as usual. The velvety soft, concealing Perfector formula with subtle colour pigments minimises pores and wrinkles, smoothes irregularities and mattifies shiny skin areas. The anti-aging active ingredients Gatuline® In-Tense and Ultra Filling SpheresTM  penetrate deep into the skin to strengthen firmness and elasticity in the long-term. The top layer of the skin is padded and thus the skin’s moisture loss is reduced. Collagen and thus also the connective tissue is strengthened by stimulating the function of fibroblasts. The result: Day after day, the skin appears smoother and firmer. Serox Instant Skin Perfector can also be used to freshen up after work or in the evening for party make-up.
*Fibroblasts produce all fibres and molecular components of the connective tissue and give it its structure and firmness.

The LR ZEITGARD Serox Instant Skin Perfector is available from October 2018 in the LR customer shop at

LR ZEITGARD Serox Instant Skin Perfector, 30 ml

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