Your path to beautiful, well-tended skin

With the nurturing and regenerative power of Aloe Vera on the path to naturally prettier and healthier skin – that is what LR ALOE VIA represents. Here you can discover what characterises the LR ALOE VIA brand, and find your own personal path to naturally beautiful, well-tended skin.


High Aloe Vera quality and proven skin compatibility

Our Aloe Vera is subjected to regular checks by the International Aloe Science Council (IASC). The independent institute Dermatest has proven and confirmed skin compatibility. 28 LR ALOE VIA products have been registered for patent, due to their specific combination of ingredients comprising Aloe Vera gel and various different organic extracts.

Our Aloe Vera gel is tested continuously by the renowned International Aloe Science Council (IASC) – from cultivation to processing

The skin compatibility of all Aloe Vera products has been proven by the renowned, independent institutes Dermatest and Derma Consult

28 LR ALOE VIA products have been registered for patent thanks to their unique combination of ingredients, comprising Aloe Vera gel and various different organic extracts


From young to old, from head to toe.

Everyone will find just the right solution for their needs in our wide product range. This ensures that you and your loved ones are cared for from head to toe with the best of Aloe Vera. Thanks to the high proportion of Aloe Vera and the natural power of valuable organic extracts, the LR ALOE VIA care range is unique and diverse in its effect.

Regeneration & Care

Use the natural regenerative power of Aloe Vera for particularly sensitive or stressed skin. LR ALOE VIA products lie on the skin like a protective layer, cooling and calming it, and stimulating its regeneration.


Cleansing & Care

With its rich gel, Aloe Vera is an expert in maintaining the skin’s natural moisture balance. LR ALOE will accompany you on your path to a radiant skin tone, and cares for the skin delicately – for a fresh all-round feeling.


Individual Care & Protection

Aloe Vera is a real multi-talent – it not only regenerates, but also provides moisture. This means that you and your family are optimally protected – from head to toe.


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