Instant anti-age effect. After only 20 minutes!


Serox Instant Result Mask

Instantly visible and noticeable anti-age effect. After only 20 minutes!

  • Activates your skin
  • Smoothens and tightens your skin
  • Refines your skin texture
  • Anti-aging effect lasts up to 12 hours!*

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3-Phase Technology
The secret of the instant effect

  1. This is how your skin is activated

    Immediately after application of the mask, the herbal nettle extract stimulates the blood circulation of the skin. You will feel a cooling, tingling effect. Active ingredients for anti-aging can be optimally absorbed and processed. The face appears refreshed and rejuvenated.
  2. This is how your skin is smoothened and tightened

    During the 20-minute application time, minerals provide a firming effect that can both be felt and seen. In addition, the high-quality protein complex releases messenger substances that temporarily block the nerve endings in the nerve tracts. This relaxes the muscles and smoothens the expression lines. The skin appears smoother and firmer.
  3. This is how the skin texture is refined

    The innovative combination of hyaluronic acid, Q10 and precious plant extracts nurtures your skin. The complexion appears refined and even.

Your WOW effect!
Instantly. Lastingly.

A special event is approaching or you just want to do something good for yourself? The LR ZEITGARD Serox Instant Result Mask can be used 1-2 times a week - for special occasions when you want to look particularly great.

You want more? You want a lasting, rejuvenating effect? In addition to the mask, apply LR ZEITGARD Serox Instant Result Serum daily under your day cream.

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9 out of 10 users recommend the product!*

"Awesome! My skin looks much finer and more even. My skin is really glowing! I feel much younger."

Monika, 48 years.
"I really felt how my skin was tightened and smoothened. I look almost 10 years younger. I am thrilled!"

Eberhard, 55 years.
“My wrinkles have definitely been reduced. The effect of the mask really surprised me. The product absolutely convinced me."

Manuela, 58 years.
“This anti-aging mask really convinced me. Especially in the eye area I look much fresher and more vital,"

Julian, 33 years.

Results may vary individually.
* Dermatest study conducted on 10 test persons in August 2017

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