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LR launches the new Nutri-Repair Hair Care with Aloe vera gel and 7 natural oils

Bye bye, "bad hair day”! Say hello to smooth, shiny and fruity fresh smelling hair – every day! With the new LR ALOE VIA Nutri-Repair Hair Care, nothing stands in the way of your beautiful hair anymore! The ultimate care boost for hair and scalp: For silky smoothness, healthy shine and self-confidence right to the tips of your hair. The care system with a unique combination of pure Aloe vera gel and 7 natural oils nourishes, strengthens and repairs the hair deep down and protects it from breakage. Aloe vera is considered the number 1 moisture booster and a true all-rounder. The plant’s leaf gel contains a unique combination of active ingredients, including vitamins and minerals.
"The development and manufacture of Aloe vera products is one of our core competencies. In skin care, Aloe vera has become an essential ingredient – now we are applying our many years of experience to a new hair care line. Dry and damaged hair is a thing of the past. Moreover, the products have a wonderfully vitalising fragrance – according to a study conducted by Institute Dermatest, 95 percent of the test persons love the fragrance," says Jessica Deventer, Vice President Marketing & Communication at LR Health & Beauty.

3 times better combability & 90 percent less hair breakage

A further study by proDERM confirms that the use of shampoo, conditioner and mask together makes the hair three times easier to comb, reducing hair breakage by 90 percent compared to a neutral shampoo. The new Nutri-Repair hair care provides silky smoothness and healthy shine. The motto of the products is strengthening, suppleness, long-term and heat protection.

STRENGTHENING Nutri-Repair Hair Shampoo
With 45% Aloe vera gel and organic bamboo extract. The Nutri-Repair Hair Shampoo gently cleanses, strengthens hair from the outside, moisturises hair and scalp and is perfect for daily use.

SUPPLENESS: Nutri-Repair Conditioner
The new Nutri-Repair conditioner is applied after shampooing: With 15 percent Aloe vera gel and a Nutri-Oil-Repair-Complex consisting of 7 natural oils, it nourishes and repairs the hair from the inside – without weighing it down. It smoothes and seals the hair surface leaving it supple and shiny.

LONG-TERM PROTECTION: Nutri-Repair Hair Mask
Experts recommend intensive care once or twice a week – simply apply the new Nutri-Repair hair mask instead of the conditioner and give the hair an extra care treatment. With 15 percent Aloe vera gel and a Nutri-Oil-Repair-Complex consisting of 7 oils, it nourishes and repairs the hair deep from within, fills porous areas, thus restoring the hair's stability and protecting it from breakage in the long term.

HEAT PROTECTION: Nutri-Repair Leave-in Treatment

Moisturises, smells fruity and fresh and acts as a heat protection for the hair: simply spray the Nutri-Repair Leave-in Treatment on towel-dry hair before blow-drying or straightening and style as usual. With 60% Aloe vera gel and organic bamboo extract Also great for in-between: Simply spray on the hair, style and you are set. Providing the hair with extra moisture in between has never been easier.

Aloe Vera Nutri-Repair Hair Shampoo, 200 ml    
Aloe Vera Nutri-Repair Conditioner, 200 ml
Aloe Vera Nutri-Repair Hair Mask, 200 ml    
Aloe Vera Nutri Repair Leave-in Treatment, 150 ml

LR Health & Beauty
Under the motto “More quality for your life“, the LR Group with headquarters in Ahlen/Westphalia produces and markets various health and beauty products in around 28 countries. The range includes care and decorative cosmetics, dietary supplements and perfumes. The processing of Aloe vera has been one of the core competencies of LR Health & Beauty for more than 15 years. Only the valuable inside of the leaf is used for the products. With a volume of around 12,000 tonnes of Aloe vera leafs per year, LR is among the world’s largest manufacturers of Aloe vera products. In Ahlen, the company has established the most modern Aloe vera production site for Aloe Vera Drinking Gels in Europe. In the fragrance segment, the company, which was founded in 1985, has established exclusive cooperations with celebrities such as Guido Maria Kretschmer, Karolina Kurkova and Bruce Willis. With 1,200 employees as well as thousands of registered sales partners and customers, LR is one of Europe’s leading direct sales enterprises. LR's strong market position is based above all on a high-quality product range and an attractive bonus and training plan which is unsurpassed in the industry. LR also established the LR Global Kids Fund e. V. which provides efficient and unbureaucratic support for deprived children and their families in many different countries around the world in cooperation with local institutions.

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