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Under the motto "More quality for your life“, LR produces and markets more than 600 health and beauty products in 28 countries. This includes body care and cosmetic products, perfumes and dietary supplements. Please find below all press releases about our products. 

ZG Instant Skin Perfector

Ahlen, October 2018

Perfect skin within seconds: the new LR ZEITGARD Serox Instant Skin Perfector
Double anti-aging effect for immediate and long-lasting skin perfection

The LR ZEITGARD Serox Instant Skin Perfector lets the skin shine in real life and makes it look perfect day after day! It optically rejuvenates the facial skin immediately after application and makes it appear flawless – as if you put your favourite filter on top. 

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LR Classics DELUXE ST. TROPEZ als Collage

Ahlen, July 2018

Luxury feeling out of the bottle: The new LR Classics DELUXE ST. TROPEZ

The extravagant fragrance adventure for summer by LR Health & Beauty. Let your mind take you on your dream trip to St. Tropez and immerse yourself in the feeling of the luxurious hot spot on the French Riviera with your new favourite fragrance! Now you can experience this fragrant summer feeling at home.

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Hair Care-Set

Ahlen, Juli 2018

New hair – new me! Nourishing care to the tips

Bye bye, "bad hair day”! Say hello to smooth, shiny and fruity fresh smelling hair – every day! With the new LR ALOE VIA Nutri-Repair Hair Care, nothing stands in the way of your beautiful hair anymore!

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Melonensplash Aloe Spray CMYK fako Deckel

Ahlen, Juni 2018

The summer moisture boost for in-between

Spray on, refresh yourself, take off – and provide your skin with a lot of moisture! This has now become very easy with the new Aloe Vera Moisturizing Spray "To Go" for face and body by LR ALOE VIA. Whether at home or on the road – this summer newcomer is super convenient and fits in every pocket!

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Mind Master Powdersplash Sticks fako Roll UP

Ahlen, Mai 2018

Energy boost to go: LR LIFETAKT Mind Master Extreme!

Everyone knows such situation: you come home tired from work or university or were busy all day managing the family – and actually now would be the time to do yourself some good and exercise.

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LR Health   Beauty Karolina by Karolina Kurkova Limited Summer Edition

Ahlen, Mai 2018

Fresh summer fragrances

A stunning summer look calls for the perfect fragrance which highlights the personality. In time for the sunny season, LR Health & Beauty has created fresh, inspiring summer fragrances with actor Bruce Willis and supermodel Karolina Kurkova.

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20741-001 Shower Shave GRANATAPFEL 66154

Ahlen, April 2018

Turbo shower in the morning: Shower, shave and go!

Shower, shave and refresh – but particularly soft! With the new Aloe Vera Gentle Shower & Shave by LR ALOE VIA this is now child's play. The 2 in 1 product provides a boost of freshness in the morning with an extra dose of moisture thanks to 35 percent Aloe vera.

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20750-001 Aloe Via In-Shower GRANATAPFEL 66185

Ahlen, April 2018

New turbo care in the morning: Cream, shower, take off!

Running late again? You have no time or don’t feel like applying body lotion after showering? No problem! With the new Aloe Vera In-Shower Body Lotion by LR ALOE VIA, you will be set for the day in no time.

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Aloe Sun NEU2018

Ahlen, April 2018

Sun protection and moisture boost with up to 70 % Aloe vera

Summer, sun, fun! But only with the perfect sun protection for your skin! Because when temperatures rise and the sun rays are full of power, the skin yearns for moisturising and protective care. Products with a high Aloe vera content are ideal.

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LR-Health- -Beauty LR-LIFETAKT-Aloe-Vera-Dinking-Gel-Honey

Ahlen, Januar 2018


Who can escape the demands of an increasingly fast-paced world? Exciting challenges at work or in family life, active leisure pursuits and sometimes too little time for yourself can cause the inner well-being to go out of sync – personal support can be hard to find.

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Zeitgard-Serox-Instant-Result-Mask front

Ahlen, October 2017

Unique and brand new: LR ZEITGARD Serox Instant Result Mask

We all know these very special moments. Those moments when we want to look particularly good, fresh, young and full of radiance and experience our own personal wow effect. LR Health & Beauty now launches its first anti-aging mask with instant effect that smoothens, tightens and refines the skin in just 20 minutes!

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LR-ALOE-VIA Concentrate

Ahlen, July 2017

LR Health & Beauty launches new Aloe Vera brand for the whole family

Aloe Vera is a natural moisture booster and a true all-rounder. The plant’s leaf gel contains a unique combination of active ingredients, including vitamins, minerals and amino acids. With LR ALOE VIA, LR Health & Beauty combines the best Aloe Vera has to offer – its gel – with 15 years of Aloe Vera care competence.

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Deluxe-Hollyw-Powder-Duocolor 11112

Ahlen, February 2017

Hollywood glow for a boost of spring freshness

Mothball your thick winter sweaters in the basement and get out your airy outfits. The latest spring trends are out in the stores waiting to be tried on. But the most beautiful look does not impress without the right boosts of freshness for the skin.

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Ahlen, February 2017

Jungle Man meets Jungle Woman

Spring is just around the corner and love is in the air – this time of the year brings together what belongs together. Inspired by the exotic jungle with its rich colours, profusion of flowers and seductive fruits, LR Health & Beauty has created the women’s fragrance Jungle Woman.

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Figuactiv Riegel Mediterana box

Ahlen, January 2017

The new savoury Figuactiv Bar “Mediterana”

We all know the problem: When rushing from one appointment to the next, there is no time to eat in peace. No matter how much attention you pay to conscious nutrition, the stress of everyday live often makes it impossible to keep to a well-balanced diet so that you take in lots of empty calories.

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Ahlen, November 2016 

Well-protected skin in winter thanks to pure silver

Temperatures are falling, colleagues are coughing, viruses are spreading – colds are in season again. Washing hands as often as possible is the only thing that helps.

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Ahlen, November 2016 

Sparkling gift idea for your loved ones

With Christmas just around the corner, it is time to give some thought to how to make your sweetheart or your best friend happy with a nice present.

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Deluxe Night Rock

Ahlen, November 2016 

Deluxe glamour look: the perfect party make-up in just a few steps

With the decorative cosmetics range by LR Health & Beauty, you can achieve the glamour look – make-up artists also call it the great look, others the celebrity or star look – in just a few steps. 

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Ahlen, November 2016 

Overnight beauty secret: ZEITGARD Sleeping Mask by LR 

The great majority of men and women in Germany considers a natural and healthy look the beauty ideal No. 1, as was revealed by the LR Beauty Survey. But especially in the mornings, our skin rarely looks rosy and smooth. 

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Ahlen, September 2016 

24h moisture booster for the skin

Temperature fluctuations and dry heating air put a strain on our skin in the cold season. When it is cold outside and the heating is continuously running inside, the result is dry, taut skin and redness.

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Body-Mission Teaser

Ahlen, January 2016

Figuactiv Body Mission: the overall package for achieving your desired weight

It’s that time of year again. Summer is just around the corner so it is time to get rid of the extra kilos put on over the winter. Why not try an enjoyable and holistic diet instead of an unbalanced one with a yo-yo-effect? 

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LR Sensual Grace Ed P erhaeltlich unter

Ahlen, 31th October 2015

Fragrant gift ideas for Valentine's Day

On 14 February, the day that is dedicated to lovers, it's time again for a romantic breakfast, words of appreciation and a lovingly wrapped gift. All that is what makes Valentine's Day so special. But before the gifts can be wrapped and handed over, the feverish search for the right surprise is yet to come.

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LR Winterzeitprodukte erhaeltlich unter

Ahlen, 10th September 2015

The care and health products of LR Health & Beauty help you get through the winter in good health.

The days are getting shorter, the rays of sunshine weaker and the temperatures colder. A running nose, cough, and dry, stressed skin are the unwanted side effects of the winter months. LR care and health products can provide for nurturing care and a strengthened immune system.

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LR ZEITGARD Cleansing Brush erhaeltlich unter

Ahlen, 1st June 2015

More beautiful skin at the push of a button with the ZEITGARD Cleansing Brush

LR Health & Beauty, the expert for health and beauty products, knows from own, long-standing experience and intensive research and development work that optimum cleansing provides the best foundation for well-cared and beautiful skin. With the ZEITGARD Cleansing Brush, the German cosmetics manufacturer for the first time developed an electrical facial cleansing brush that is going to revolutionise traditional ways of facial cleansing thanks to its outstanding efficiency.

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Microsilver Kaugummi

Ahlen, 14th April 2015

LR presents the extra for dental health: Microsilver Plus tooth paste and dental care chewing gum for at home and on the go

There is nothing more practical than a good theory – which has to be put into practice. And even if they are really determined, many people just do not stick to the theory and do not carry out daily tooth care as doctors recommend it. LR now offers the solution for all those who do not have a toothbrush at hand during the day: the new Microsilver Plus dental care chewing gum is a perfect alternative for on the go. And for the use at home, Microsilver Plus tooth paste is ideal. With these two products, LR offers customised all-round protection for healthy teeth and gums.

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LR Macaron Koerpercremes verfuegbar unter

Ahlen, 12th February 2015

New and limited: Innovative gift ideas for Easter and Mother's Day

The innovative Easter products of LR Health & Beauty smell like sweet macarons and create a feeling of joyous anticipation of colourful spring days. Easter and Mother's Day are just around the corner and, with its innovative care products and fragrances, the international cosmetics enterprise LR provides creative gift ideas.

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LR Bring dich in Schwung copyright by Fotolia

Ahlen, 2nd February 2015

Goodbye spring fatigue! LR offers a variety of beauty and health products to make you fit for the new season

We all know the problem: Winter is slowly coming to an end, the temperatures are finally rising and the first rays of sun are bringing the spring blooms to shine. One would love to spend all day outside and enjoy the good weather – but the body feels tired and sluggish. Whether dietary supplements, skin care or make-up: The following products can help to shake off that lethargy at the beginning of the year.

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LR Figuactiv copyright by Fotolia

Ahlen, 22nd January 2015

Figuactiv Body Mission by LR

With Figuactiv Body Mission, LR now offers a well-balanced, nutritional programme which makes it easier to keep up a diet. Figuactiv Body Mission is simple, fast and efficient. The varied meal substitution products have been compiled for a 28-days-diet and the nutritional supplements help to keep it up. The extras provide practical tips, valuable background information, nutrition plans and a recipe database.

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LR Aloe Vera Baby Pflegeserie

Ahlen, 15th October 2014

LR Health & Beauty presents the new Aloe Vera Baby care products for sensitive skin

The skin of babies and children is particularly delicate. It is still developing and requires special care. In order to provide optimum protection, intensive skin care should be applied. The new aloe vera care products have been especially developed for sensitive skin. The products comprised in the care set contain a higher portion of aloe vera (care products 40%, cleaning products 30%) and only mild washing substances. This provides gentle care for sensitive skin.

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Deluxe Activating Lash Serum erhaeltlich unter

Ahlen, 24th July 2014

New eyelash innovation: Deluxe Activating Lash Serum

LR Health & Beauty launches activating care for ravishingly beautiful eyelashes: A seductive look with long, thick lashes – certainly every woman's dream. LR's new Deluxe Activating Lash Serum makes this dream come true! The serum's innovative combination of active agents intensively stimulates natural lash growth, providing visibly longer lashes.

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LR Enjoy Brasil EDP Frauen

Ahlen, 27th May 2014

Limited edition: Kick-off for the new "Enjoy Brasil” product range by LR

The football world cup 2014 is just around the corner. From 12 June to 13 July, the global sports event No. 1 will take place in Brazil. LR Health and Beauty picks up the ball and starts off with an exclusive "Soccer care set”. The internationally operating company for cosmetics and dietary supplement extends its existing range with the limited "Enjoy Brasil” series which includes one fragrance for women and one for men, shower smoothies and a cooling body spray specifically for the hot season and all those in a football frenzy.

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Racing just Sport

Ahlen, 18th February 2014

LR launches new fragrances for men: "Racing" and "Just Sport"

In 2014, LR Health & Beauty will follow up "Bruce Willis Personal Edition" with the launch of two additional new fragrances for men. "Just Sport" and "Racing" represent the new sports fragrances from the globally leading cosmetics manufacturer.

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LR Mind Master Green erhaeltlich unter

Ahlen, April 2013

Mind Master by LR– A welcome companion in everyday life

LR Health & Beauty is one of the globally leading suppliers of premium health and beauty products in direct sales. For over ten years, the company has been developing top-quality nutrition products in the health sector in order to enhance people's well-being. One of the best-sellers is the Mind Master Brain & Body Performance Drink.

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Aloe Vera Produkte von LR

Ahlen, 2nd August 2012

A lily of the desert celebrates its 10th anniversary with LR

The birthday spirit has hit LR Health & Beauty: for ten years now, the company has been selling a broad range of high quality Aloe Vera products with great success. Rumour has it that even the great sailor Christopher Columbus kept a supply of Aloe Vera on board his ships – he used its gel to help his crew’s cuts to heal. Aloe Vera grows on five continents. The best value growth regions are South America, China and above all Mexico. Here the Aloe Vera is cultivated at an altitude of 1,000 metres. LR reaps some 4.2 tonnes of it a year (about 24 million leaves).

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