Body Mission 2.0

The „new“ Body Mission agrees with current trends: One of now there pillars besides “nutrition” and “motivation” is the new component “fitness”.



The Figuactiv products are saturating and tasty as well: from sweet and creamy to crispy or savory. They’re easily integrated into your average day. Especially the additional products that support you during your diet like herbal tea or protein drink are very helpful.

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What’s new about the Body Mission? The Body Mission now contains fitness videos with sportive exercises that might help you reaching your dream weight. As the exercises can be done wherever and whenever you want, they’re as suitable for everyday life as the rest of the Body Mission. Also you can vary the number of repetitions according to your individual fitness level.

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The Code of the Body Mission is your ticket to your “personal diet coach”, the body-mission.com. Your coach motivates and supports you, e.g. with many tasty recipes and tips and tricks around your Body Mission.

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Replacing two meals a day by such a meal substitute as part of a calorie-reduced diet contributes to losing weight.

Replacing one meal a day by such a meal substitute as part of a calorie-reduced diet contributes to maintaining the weight after weight loss.

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